Bachelor in Physical Education

Courses/Bachelor of Physical Education
Physical Education (PE) is acknowledged to be both a discipline and a profession. It consists of movement and fitness education content, building on your physical literacy which plays a crucial role in your ability to sustain participation in various activities. Such self-awareness leads to self-regulation towards the adoption of a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, PE gives you the capability to assess and make informed decisions on health and wellness for yourself and others as a professional.

As a degree, Bachelor of Physical Education prepares you to specialize in the areas of sports, dance, and sports education. The demand for practitioners of this profession only increases; PE is inclusive in the sense that it encompasses all individuals regardless of age and abilities, as every person should aspire for optimal physical fitness in order to carry on with daily life.


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Career Opportunities for Physical Education

  • Sports Coach
  • PE Instructor
  • Fitness Professional