PWC Senior High School
academic tracks and strands
are competency-based to
provide learners with skills
and applicable knowledge
they can use for life.



Why PWC Senior High?

Pioneering Pilot Senior High School Since 2012


Successfully piloted SHS Model Program with DepEd and CHEd Seal of approval

Open Admission System

PWC believes in everyone’s potential and as such the school welcomes everyone who is committed to excel and be successful

Regular and Afternoon Schedule


Students will have more time to focus on academic studies.
Ample time for industry work immersion/research, career advocacy and business management enterprise


Educators as Partners


Students will be inspired to do better because you’ll get full support from your mentors

Job Placement after Graduation

Our commitment to make you the most sought-after graduate with our strong industry partnership.

Unique Features of PWC Blended Curriculum

PWC of Davao, a private school in Region XI, is pioneering the transition modeling of Grades 11 & 12, approved by DepEd from SY 2012-2013 to SY 2015-2016 prior to government full implementation of Grades 11 & 12 nationwide.

Embedded as professional courses required of CHED leading TESDA TVET non-degree certifications(NC II, NC III, NC IV) are towards Bachelor Degree programs.

CHED General education, career specializations, professional and major courses are meeting curriculum requirements of DepEd, TESDA and CHED.

It provides students the most efficient, practical and cost-saving mode of acquiring: Senior High School (Grades 11 & 12) diploma



Take the Interest Test administered by PWC starting on April 1 UNTIL enrolment period. The Testing Office is open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily excluding Sundays and holidays.


Step 1: Admissions Office

Submit the following credentials:

  • Grade 10 Report Card
  • NCAE Result
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • ID Picture
  • Certificate of ESC Grant/Voucher Recipient
  • Enrolment forms (to be filled up)

If you have NOT taken the PWC Interest Test beforehand, please proceed to the Testing Area.

Step 2: SHS Principal’s Office

Present credentials and filled-up enrolment forms and proceed with the interview.

Step 3: Registrar’s Office

Present credentials and the duly approved enrolment forms.



Step 4: Cashier’s Office

If public school completer, pay P325 (downpayment P250 + SHS Student Handbook P75)

If private school completer, pay P2,575 (downpayment P2,500 + SHS Student Handbook P75)

Step 5: SHS Principal’s Office
  • Present receipt at the class sectioning area.
  • Submit credentials and duly approved enrolment forms.
  • You are now officially enrolled! You will be given an officially enrolled document duly stamped by the Registrar’s Office and a copy of the Student’s Handbook.
Step 6: ICT Office

Have your ID picture taken!

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