BS in Entrepreneurship

Courses/BS in Entrepreneurship

Goal & Objectives

Are you an aspiring innovator, businessman, or entrepreneur? Do you have the skills—or willingness to learn—how to identify promising opportunities, develop and prepare business plans, and start managing your own businesses?

Through the BS Entrepreneurship program, you will gain knowledge essential in building and running an enterprise and develop the necessary skills to market and sustain it. At PWC, you will also receive training and firsthand experience in product development, especially with the availability of facilities. The program also boasts of strong industry partnership that will give you opportunities for learning through exposure and establishing relevant connections. You will further be molded to become socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs, committed to the sustainable and inclusive development of the local business community.

The BS Entrepreneurship Program aims to develop the entrepreneurial leadership, ability, and skills of the students in search for excellence and for competitive advantage in the field of business and entrepreneurship and explicitly:

  1. To expose and bring about in-depth understanding of the concepts of entrepreneurship and the roles of entrepreneurs in the efficient and effective utilization of the various components of resources;
  2. To develop the ability of the students in identifying economic needs, and in considering business solutions;
  3. To widen experiences of students to conferences, seminars, and entrepreneurial ventures;
  4. To immerse the students through their assigned role in the development of the economy.



Career Opportunities for Entrepreneurship

  • Business Owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Innovator