Innovation is our tradition.


In 1919, the visionary couple Dean Conrado Benitez and Francisca Tirona Benitez founded in Manila the Philippine Women’s College (now the Philippine Women’s University). In time, their vision of women’s education would transcend the boundaries of Manila and reach south of the archipelago. PWC alumnae from Mindanao saw the need to spread and promote the educational objectives of their Alma Mater among the young people of Mindanao. This idea became a reality when the PWU Board of Trustees approved the plan to put up the Philippine Women’s College of Davao (PWC), which eventually opened its doors to students in 1953. 


We envision a graduate who is God-loving, academically competent, civic consious, environmentally and socially concerned, globally competitive, and committed to the promotion of peace.


To Educate

according to the four-fold objective of inculcating good moral character and personality, training for home and family life, preparing for vocation or profession and developing aptitude for community participation and leadership.

To Contribute

through research and continuous interaction with the community, to the enhancement of the spiritual, social and economic life in the country and the world at large.

To Lead

through pioneering in the field of gender education in the opening of new avenues towards the expansion of knowledge and opportunities, fostering of humanism and understanding, while conserving the wisdom and ideals of the ages and integrating the valuable inheritance of Filipino personhood.

Living the PWC Mission


Davao City Mayor
Served as Davao City Vice Mayor from 2007-2010, Mayor from 2010-2013 and 2016 until present.


Fashion Designer
Award-winning Fashion Designer based in Dubai.


Entrepreneur and Restaurant Owner


Dentist, TV Host & Motivational Coach
A man of many jobs and interests. A true Philwomenian.

Continuing the PWC Legacy


Ms. Francisca Tirona Benitez 
Dean Conrado Benitez
Hon. Helena Z. Benitez


Ms. Elizabeth San Pedro Lietz


Ms. Ruby A. Benitez
Mr. Tomas Julio A. Benitez 
Mr. Emmanuel Q. Canivel 
Mr. Emiliano Lo 


Mr. Conrado L. Benitez II

Prof. Vicente Antonio V. Pijano III
Chancellor and Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Aida T. Fedee, CPA, MBA
Vice President for Finance


Dr. Maria Alma G. Facto
Academic Services Officer

Ms. Deogracia B. Corpuz, CPA, MBA
Internal Audit and Risk Management Officer


Mr. Rey Benedict D. Aquiatan, CPA
Director for Administrative Services

Mr. Paul Glenn O. Dasmariñas, MBA
Director, Human Resource and Development

Ms. Genevieve D. Ruiz, MC
OIC, Guidance & Counselling

Mr. Nepthaly C. Talavera, MIM
Director, Information and Communication Technology

Ms. Joanne Maria L. Lim, MM
Head, Information and Events Management


Ms. Alma Rose S. Bersano, MBA
Chief Accountant

Ms. Solita G. Gomez
In-Charge, Business Unit


Dr. Reynald A. Japay
Officer, Institutional Planning, Development and Quality Assurance

Dr. Mercedita R. Japay
Director, Research for Development, Innovation and Publication

Dr. James I. Salvador
Head, Center for Professional and Career Development

Ms. Milagros D. Saga, LPT, MAEd
Officer, Institutional Planning, Development and Quality Assurance/Program Chair Teacher Education

Mr. Emi L. Englis, MAFAD
Head, Center for Innovations and Social Ventures

Mr. Patrick Henry G. Canon, MPA
TVET Assessment Center Manager

Ms. Elizabeth G. Pasion, MBA
Coordinator, Institutional Management Enterprise

Mr. Paolo Gaudencio S. Naval, LPT
Head, Institutional Community Extension

Ms. Ozelle L. Poe, LPT
Head, Institutional Identity and Values Formation

Dr. Alfonso U. Bantilan
Flexible Learning Coordinator

Ms. Mylene P. Tuclaud, LPT
Admissions Officer

Ms. Arcylie R. Acabado
Scholarship Coordinator

Tertiary Education Department


Prof. Vicente Antonio V. Pijano III
Chancellor and Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Jessie B. Manuta
Dean of College

Ms. Deogracia B. Corpuz, CPA, MBA
Assistant Dean

Ms. Florifes A. Bertulfo, LPT

Ms. Anita T. Jabla, LPT, MA
Student Affairs Officer

Ms. Ma. Gemma L. Largo, LPT
Evening Program Supervisor

Ms. Delia F. Daligdig, RL, LPT, MAED-LS
Tertiary Education Department Head Librarian

Ms. Ma. Liberty Filipinas Cadungog, RL
Tertiary Education Department Reference & Information Services Librarian

Ms. May Ann Joy M. Diorpan, RL
Tertiary Education Department Technical Services Librarian

Mr. Christi Franc Von R. Buenafe, RL
Tertiary Education Department Reader Services Librarian

Ms. Maricris Casandra A. Castillo
Tertiary Education Department Technical Services Assistant

Hospitality Management, Tourism Management & Business Education (HMTM/BE)

Mr. Norjames S. Goad, MM
Academic Cluster Director

Ms. Hazel Ivonne O. Kato
HMTM Program Chair

Ms. Mary Jean V. Sollesta, CPA
Accountancy Program Chair

Dr. Ronabel C. Sanoy
Business Administration & Entrepreneurship Program Chair

Fine Arts & Interior Design (FAID)

Ms. Brenda Z. Barba, MAFAD
Academic Cluster Director

Mr. Joseph Daniel A. Malabar
Assistant Academic Cluster Director

Mr. Emi L. Englis, MAFAD
Industrial & Fashion Design Program Chair

IDr John Matthew B. Librando
Interior Design Program Chair

Arts, Sciences, Education &Technology (ASET)

Dr. Maria Alma G. Facto
Academic Cluster Director

Dr. Angelito G. Heramil
Assistant Academic Cluster Director

Ms. Ma. Christina B. Ramos, MSFS
Food Technology Program Chair

Ms. Abbey Angelli L. Alapag, RPsy
Psychology Program Chair

Ms. Princesita M. Villadulid, LPT, MAEd
General Education Program Chair

Mr. Nepthaly C. Talavera, MIM
Information Technology Program Chair

Ms. Milagros D. Saga, LPT, MAEd
Elementary & Secondary Education Program Chair

Mr. Jerome D. Manapol, LPT
Physical Education Program Chair

Basic Education Department Middle Level Coordinators

Ms. Ma. Elena O. Licco, LPT
Principal, Basic Education Department

Ms. Geraldine V. Turno, LPT, MA
Assistant Principal for Academics

Ms. Girlie B. Sumapig, LPT, MAEd
Assistant Principal for Administration

Ms. Amelita D. Jumalon
Head, Student Formation Office Head

Ms. Marilyn G. Nebria, LPT
Co-Curricular Head

Ms. Susana Arellano, LPT
Student Activity Assistant

Ms. Mae Ann Senate, LPT
Modified Work and Study Program (MWSP)

Ms. Nelsie Portillo, LPT
Preschool to Grade 2 Coordinator

Ms. Ma. Nancel S. Lanticse, LPT
English Coordinator (Grade school & Junior High School)

Ms. Dianne P. Llanes, LPT
Filipino Coordinator (Grade school & Junior High School)
Ms. Zaidi P. Ong, LPT
Social Studies/Values Education (Grade school & Junior High School)

Mr. Dhel Rajsol B. Dilangalen, LPT
Science (Grade schoo &Junior High School)

Mr. Peter John Toyorada, LPT
MAPEH Coordinator (Grade school & Junior High School)

Ms. Ann Kathryn R. Sucaldito, LPT
TLE/Computer Education Coordinator (Grade school & Junior High School)

Ms. Arlene   J. Diego
Grade School Librarian

Mr. Kenji A. Sanchez, RL
Junior High School Librarian

Mr. Daryl D. Ligutan, LPT
Mathematics Coordinator (Grade School, Junior High School and Senior High School)

Ms. Lariza Irina O. Manug, LPT
English Coordinator (Senior High School)

Mr. Michael F. Retolla, LPT
Filipino Coordinator (Senior High School)

Ms. Nicell-ann E. Dequiña, LPT
Humanities and Social Sciences Coordinator (Senior High School)

Mr. Peter Paul T. Sigue, LPT
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Coordinator (Senior High School)

Mr. Jo Cristobal P. Villar, LPT
Physical Education and Health Coordinator (Senior High School)

Mr. Emmanuel R. Cabuloy, LPT
ICT-Animation, CSS, CP Coordinator (Senior High School)

Ms. Ma. Julieta C. Maniego
TVL HE: (FBS, Cookery, B&P) Coordinator

Mr. Emi L. Englis, MAFAD
Arts & Design, Fashion Design, & SMAW Coordinator

Dr. Ronabel C. Sanoy
ABM Coordinator

Ms. Hazel Ivonne O. Kato
Travel Services Coordinator

Ms.  Ferla Mae C.  Cartagena
Senior High School Librarian