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Courses/Interior Design

Goal & Objectives

The BSID Program aims to develop innovative instructional programs that will meet the needs of interior designs students, assist them in developing critical and analytical thinking, develop in-depth competence in each subject for an environment with changing technology, aid students in the further development of self-confidence and a positive self image, help students improve their interpersonal and communication skills, insure adequate career preparation for students to enable them to lead productive lives to provide avenues for active involvement in creating social significance, and recognize Mindanao cultural linkages in executing versatile global design.

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  • To educate students to be globally competitive and proficient in the act of planning systematic, aesthetically pleasing and functional design as part of the requirements in the course of Interior Design Education
  • To contribute to the development of the Interior Design community, creating social significance by achieving distinct specialized knowledge which defines Interior Design as discipline, theoretical framework, and philosophy.
  • To lead by acquiring interior design license and certification to provide efficient design solutions to the clientele, competent in conceptual application employing a conscious awareness of responsible design and adhering to the ethical standards of professionalism.

Career Opportunities for Interior Design

  • Interior Designer (Hotel, Restaurant, Houses, Commercial Buildings)
  • Furniture Designer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Design Consultant
  • Interior Contractor
  • Set Designer
  • Production Designer
  • Interior Design Instructor