Children learn best when learning is
meaningful and non-threatening.

PWC Basic Education

Continuing the JASMS Tradition

The PWC Basic Education believes in the education philosophy of Doreen Barber-Gamboa, the founder of JASMS education. Her educational philosophy empowers children to explore their environment and to learn from one another. It is learning by doing to cultivate simultaneously a spirit of independence and a capacity for cooperation.

The pedagogy aims to equip your children by developing the child’s attitude, behavior and relationships as they grow into personhood.  The school also enriches the kinds of motivation and depth of wisdom they acquire as they grow into maturity.  It is this balanced and strong values formation that will mold children into becoming well-rounded persons prepared for life’s challenges.


7 Pillars of JASMS Education

1. Learning by doing
2. Living through active participation
3. Discovering self initiative
4. Self confidence for responsible adulthood
5. Leadership through early career formation
6. Citizenship through self reliance
7. Creativity for self determination

Sunday School Program

Junior High

In pursuit of its vision to make education accessible to all, PWC offers this Sunday School Program for Junior High. Now, you may enjoy a well-rounded learning experience designed to fit your working schedule. 

News and Updates

PWC launches Ciudades campus with Open House

MANDUG, DAVAO CITY—PWC Ciudades hosted an Open House event last May 25, 2019, ahead of its opening this school year 2019-2020. The move introduced the campus among top choices for preschool and grade school in Mandug area.Following the opening performance...

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PWC hosts TechFactors’ Teacher Training Program

PWC welcomed teachers from different schools in Mindanao as they convened at the TFI Academy Teacher Training Program starting on May 21, 2019. The six-day event which will culminate on the 26th is an annual initiative of TechFactors, Inc. to better...

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Preschool unit holds Moving Up Ceremony

PWC of Davao recently held its 66th Moving Up Ceremony for the preschool department at the RSM Events Center last April 1, 2019. Student Shaan Villanueva opened the program, proudly sharing his experiences throughout his kindergarten journey. He fondly...

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