With the ever-increasing demands and legislations to make education accessible to all, society will be in constant need of educators. As one of the pioneering educational institutions in Davao City, PWC has made it its vocation to produce not only industry professionals but also a roster of skilled teachers that will continue to contribute to the academe. In the Education Program, you will be equipped with strong foundational knowledge and learn teaching methods appropriate to your specialization. You will further be honed with Philwomenian values that will develop you to become a formator as well as a mentor, as PWC values character-building as much as academic learning.

Goal & Objectives

The Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) aims to develop High School teachers who can teach in one of the different learning areas in high school like Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, English, Filipino, among others with basic and higher level literacy, communication, numeracy, critical thinking, learning skills needed for higher learning.
  • To develop teachers who can facilitate learning of diverse types of learners, in the diverse types of learning environments, using a wide range of teaching knowledge and skills; and
  • To equip BSEd graduates with a wide range of theoretical and methodological skills that will allow options and greater flexibility in designing and implementing learning environments.


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Career Opportunities for Education

Graduates of BEED and BSED can pursue a career in teaching in basic education.