PWC hosts ‘Cultura Italiana’ exhibit and forum

Mar 5, 2019 | News, Senior High School | 0 comments

PWC senior high school and college students attended the ‘Cultura Italiana’ exhibit and forum last March 4, 2019 at the RSM Events Center.

Organized by the senior high school HUMSS and ABM students, the event was graced by Mr. Alessandro Milani, General Manager of Philippine-Italian Association, a nonprofit cross-cultural organization that aims to further enhance Philippine-Italian friendship through language, culture, and arts.

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The exhibit formally opened at 10 am through the ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Mr. Milani and members of the PWC administration. It featured the richness of Italian culture, exploring aspects such as sports, art and architecture, music, and cuisine.

In the afternoon program, dean of the Fine Arts and Interior Design Program Ms. Brenda Barba and SHS faculty Dr. Gilbert Vergara shared their personal experiences in Italy, giving the audience a glimpse of Italian culture and attractions.

Mr. Milani then took the stage to share more about Italy and his organization, the Philippine-Italian Association including its language center that offers Italian language courses. He furthermore expounded on history, food, culture an arts, and must-see destinations.

The students were given a chance to raise questions for the speaker in the open forum which Mr. Milani generously accommodated.

Having successfully pioneered senior high school in Davao City, PWC continues to immerse its students in activities that maximize a well-rounded educational experience. [Click here to learn more about the SHS program.]




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