Preschool unit holds Moving Up Ceremony

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PWC of Davao recently held its 66th Moving Up Ceremony for the preschool department at the RSM Events Center last April 1, 2019.

Student Shaan Villanueva opened the program, proudly sharing his experiences throughout his kindergarten journey. He fondly reminisced memorable activities such as the UN Day Celebration where the young learners got to dress up in costumes and visit campus offices for treats, among the many fun activities that preschoolers get to participate in.

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Grade one student Lia Malaki delivered a speech addressed to the kindergarten completers, giving them a glimpse of what lies ahead in the grade school life.

Awards recognition and the kindergarten completion then followed, including academic and special awards for grades one and two. The students were accompanied by their proud parents as they went up the stage to be recognized.

The kindergarten completers also took the spotlight one by one as they shared their dream profession/ambition when they grow up.

PWC maintains a quality, well-rounded education as one of the most trusted preschools in Davao, building on experience-oriented learning and development alongside academics. Students are not only trained in the classroom as they get exposed to various activities integral to the development of necessary life and social skills that will prepare them for grade school. Parents and guardians have expressed preference for the Philwomenian method of early childhood education, where children are empowered to learn from their environment and from one another.

This coming school year of 2019-2020, PWC will be expanding the reach of Philwomenian education for preschoolers with the opening of PWC Ciudades in Mandug. The new PWC campus will be offering preschool up to grade two in June.

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For enrollment inquiries, you may contact (082) 297 8035 local 202.



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