PWC BED celebrates UN Day

Oct 19, 2018 | Basic Education, News | 0 comments

The PWC Basic Education Department – Elementary Unit celebrated the United Nations Day on October 19, 2018 at the RSM Events Center. Offering quality preschool and grade school in Davao City, PWC engages its students in activities that introduce social concepts early on.

Clad in a barong tagalog representing his own nation, Paolo Duterte II gamely gave the opening remarks followed by Axel Dominic Cañeda’s presentation of the history of the United Nations. Selected preschool to grade two students then recited the rights of the child.


In a spectacle of colors and culture, all students from preschool to grade two joined in the parade of costumes.

The presentations were of course what the audiences especially the proud parents were most excited for. Preschool students gave their song interpretation of “It’s a Beautiful Day” and “Hello to All the Children of the World”. Selected grade one and grade two students then recited the word “love” in different languages. Lastly, the students came together in a group presentation to the song “We are the World”.

Closing remarks were delivered by Khalil Edward Sapar. As the last part of the celebration, the students then went on a trick-or-treat in their cultural costumes at the school offices in a fun twist of the originally Halloween-themed activity.

The UN Day is officially celebrated on October 24 in honor of the interstate organization that promotes human rights, social progress, and world peace.

PWC has been among renowned institutions that offer preschool and grade school in Davao City and will extend the reach of Philwomenian basic education with the opening of PWC Ciudades in 2019.