PWC launches Waste Management Campaign and Call for Innovation

Oct 5, 2018 | News | 0 comments

The Philippine Women’s College of Davao held its launching of the Waste Management Campaign and Call for Innovation last October 4, 2018 at the RSM Events Center.

Resource speaker Engr. Crisil Guyot, Pollution Management Section Head from the City Environment and Natural Resources Office led the discussion on Solid Waste Management, RA 9003 And City Ordinance 0361. She stressed the importance of waste segregation especially at source by generators. “Waste is just matter in the wrong place,” she said, “what’s considered waste to one person could be a resource to another.”

Mr. Orly B. Limpangog, Team 4 Leader of Information Education Campaign Unit of CENRO’s Environment and Waste Management Division further discussed the Prohibited Acts and Penalties, including the responsibility and accountability of establishments such as PWC.

Following the discussion on waste management by the city government representatives were reaction talks by members of the PWC community. Dr. Lyndon Devero, dean of college, stated that waste management is everyone’s responsibility as much as it is the government’s. Insights from other reactors included emphasis on discipline and commitment as vital elements towards sustainable development and integration of environmental awareness in educating the students.

PWC’s Waste Management Campaign

In the opening remarks, Dr. Eufrosina Mines, Project Innovation Committee chair introduced the No to Plastic Bottles/Yes to Waste Management Program, a campaign that proposes the ban of plastic bottles within the campus.

Implementation mechanics was presented by BSFT Program Chair Christina B. Ramos. Among the points elaborated were the proposed month-long information drive, the role of security staff, maintenance personnel, business units, and school administration in targeting zero usage of disposable plastic.

The open forum that followed led to the discussion of issues in city waste management implementation. Dr. Ida Yap Patron, VP for Academic Affairs also suggested the gradual implementation of PWC’s No to Plastic Bottles campaign and President Conrado Benitez II highlighted the importance of promoting reusable water bottles. With the garnered concerns and suggestions, the project committee is as of present further studying the campaign for amendments.

Call for Innovation

The second part of the program was the launching of Project Innovation, which called for project proposals from any member of the PWC community. The project innovation should address an existing need or concern in the school, one that is geared towards the improvement of school services and maximizes participation of both personnel and students. Broad guidelines and criteria were discussed as the administration encouraged unbound creativity.

For interested participants, keep posted for more of Project Innovation guidelines.