PWC of Davao launches 4 new courses: BS Accountancy, BS Psychology, AB Broadcasting, and Physical Education

The Philippine Women’s College of Davao has successfully launched four new courses in the academic year 2018-2019: BS Accountancy(BSA), BS Psychology(BSPsych), AB Broadcasting(ABBroad), and Bachelor of Physical Education(BPE).

“The increase in the demand of accountants is gradual,” said BS Accountancy program chair Jevie Villa-Abrille, CPA, “not only does the program address the existing need in the industry, but it also aligns the institution to its aspiration of pursuing academic excellence by offering highly academical courses.” He furthermore states that the program envisions to produce graduates who are soldiers in the stringent process of CPA licensure. [go to BS Accountancy page]

With the recent passage of the Mental Health Bill and society’s growing concern for mental health, PWC’s offering of BS Psychology is just timely. Spearheaded by chair Jerson John Trocio, the program aims to provide students with competent academic training and most especially assist in their own character-building enhancement. “Psychology is a broad field,” he said, “and we envision graduates who stand out in any area, given that they are equipped with skills in testing, group facilitation, counselling, and interviewing.” PWC is definitely not the first to offer BS Psychology in Davao, but what sets it apart is the vision to pattern the educational approach in accordance to the institution’s value on culture and heritage, putting emphasis on Filipino and indigenous psychology in Mindanao.

A promising addition to its institutional growth, PWC now offers the course AB Broadcasting in Davao, pioneering as the first in Mindanao. Program chair Cheryl Vinog, PhD aspires to hone graduates who are not only competent in the field but most importantly are high-principled practitioners. Beyond classroom training, students are to immerse in exposure programs to media entities and events from which they will gain experiential learning. The program is furthermore anticipated to be of assistance in promoting the institution by strengthening partnerships with various media outlets. [go to AB Broadcasting page]

PWC’s latest course offering, Physical Education is in response to the alarming statistics of health risks that emanate from lifestyle problems. According to chair Jerome Manapol, there is a lack of PE instructors, sports coaches, and fitness professionals while there are only a few schools that particularly offer the Physical Education course in Davao. “Physical Education is more than just exercise,” he said, “it involves organization, training, and discipline.” In line with this, he stresses that PE majors should not only excel in the academic aspect but also display a positive attitude especially evident in their determination to learn.

PWC welcomes enrollees for the second trimester on September 17-24, 2018. Classes start on September 25.