PWC celebrates 65th Founding Anniversary

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PWC of Davao commemorates its 65th Founding Anniversary in a week-long celebration that commenced on February 19, 2019 and will culminate on the 28th.

With the theme “Celebrating our achievements, sustaining our future today”, the institution looks back on its journey with gratitude and looks forward to continuous development inclined to the demands of changing times while maintaining PWC’s brand of civic conscience and sound moral character at par with academic and professional competence.

Highlighting the diverse fields in which the school cultivates its educational direction, the institutional festivities are made possible through the coordination of PWC’s various departments as evident in the following schedule of activities:

PWC through the years

Dean Conrado Benitez and Francisca Tirona Benitez founded the Philippine Women’s College in Manila in 1919, now known as the Philippine Women’s University. Eventually, the initiatives of PWU alumnae from Mindanao led to the opening of the PWC of Davao on June 8, 1953.

PWC started with an initial offering of kindergarten and elementary courses for boys and girls, an all-female regular high school, one-year collegiate home arts and secretarial training courses, and preparatory and two-year college courses in music. In time, PWC would admit male enrollees, upgrade facilities and expand its programs to address the needs of the developing local community.

From developing women’s potential roles in nation-building, PWC’s vision has expanded to producing a graduate who is God-loving, academically competent, civic conscious, environmentally and socially concerned, globally competitive and committed to the promotion of peace. The institution has further made it its mission to educate future leaders and professionals of good moral character, contribute through research and community participation, and to lead through pioneering work in gender education and commitment to providing new avenues while integrating the inheritance of Filipino personhood.

Throughout its history, the initial pioneering effort at empowering women has expanded into empowering the human potential. Today, PWC under the leadership of President Conrado Benitez II continues to strive for intellectual excellence among its students, faculty and staff, molding studentry to become successful citizens of the country and of the world.

A celebration of the arts

In time for National Arts Month, much of the celebration includes platforms for artistry such as the Basic Education literary and musical contests, the Munting Bayanihan Recital, and the Annual Students Art and Design Exhibition(ASADE) of the Fine Arts and Interior Design students.

Strengthening its name as a high caliber art school in Davao, this year’s ASADE featured the intersection of visual arts and the creative industries through its new platform—a three-day art market at Abreeza Mall. It was done in partnership with the Artisanal Heritage Studies and Creative Enterprise Center (AHSCEC), which is set to spearhead the upcoming inauguration of the new museum at Mansaka Building.

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Aiming to provide a collaborative platform for PWC’s different programs to further creative entrepreneurship while empowering Mindanaoan heritage, AHSCEC significantly embodies PWC’s mantra: innovation is our tradition.

The sapphire jubilee year is indeed a remarkable milestone in PWC’s continuing journey. If anything, it marks the start of a new era with different demands to meet and hurdles to overcome. Founded with the ultimate vision to flourish, PWC stands confident to face the challenges of the future as it celebrates its achievements—badges that tell how far it has come, and how further it is committed to go.



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