PWC supports Fun Run Activity for adopted school

Feb 25, 2019 | Community Extension, News | 0 comments

The Office of the PWC Community Extension Services collaborated with Barangay Magtuod in a joint effort to support the Magtuod Elementary School’s ICT program through the Fun Run Activity held last February 16, 2019 at Barangay Magtuod.

200 participants composed of Barangay Magtuod residents registered in the Fun Run Activity which started at 4:30 AM and ended with a zumba marathon at 7:00 AM. The barangay authority provided security and logistical materials while PWC provided financial support through the generosity of its personnel represented by Community Extension Services coordinator Mr. Paolo Naval and Basic Education-Junior High School principal Dr. Reynald Japay.

In line with its commitment to promoting computer literacy under the Adopt-a-School Program, the PWC Computer Club has in fact been spearheading efforts to enrich the beneficiary students’ knowledge about computer.

“There is a misconception among the youth that equates computers to mere recreation,” said Mr. Naval, “when in fact it is one of the best equipment for learning.”

By the next academic year, PWC plans to bring the Magtuod students to the campus for computer literacy sessions through coordination with PWC’s computer teachers and the Department of Education. During a short assessment, it was found out that most of the students were not well-versed with handling essential computer applications such as Word and Powerpoint, among others. This strengthens PWC’s resolve to support computer education in the adopted school, anticipating for further relevant activities in the future.