PWC gives aid to Davao flood victims

Sep 17, 2019 | Community Extension, News | 0 comments

The PWC community through the Office of the Community Extension Services (CES) extended aid to victims of the flash flood that swept through areas of Davao City last August 28, 2019.

Barangays Tugbok Proper, Los Amigos, Talomo, and Wangan in particular were adversely affected, with over 3,000 families displaced. In response, PWC launched a 2-part activity under the We Care, We Share Program in hopes to provide assistance to affected individuals as they recover from the disaster.

The first part involved collecting of donations and relief goods from PWC students and personnel, who immediately pushed the initiative following news of the flood. They also went beyond the act of donating, exemplifying the spirit of volunteerism as they worked on repacking the goods. Such inclination to be responsive to the call of social responsibility has been instilled in the institution’s culture as PWC has been conducting donation drives whenever the need arises.

The second part of the activity was the turnover of donations and goods to the selected community on September 11, 2019. Purok Uno, San Juan of Barangay Balengaeng, Tugbok District was among those affected by the massive flood but was not placed under State of Calamity, thus receiving no assistance from either the government or private entities. Thriving on farming and agriculture, much of the damage was on their source of livelihood. PWC saw this opportunity to not only alleviate the aftermath of the flood, but also put the spotlight on the farming sector and consequently show appreciation to the hands that feed the society.

Members of the faculty and student council officers from junior high school to college spearheaded the feeding program and turnover of donations to the community on behalf of the PWC students, personnel, parents, and alumni whose collaborative effort led to the success of the activity. With the help of barangay officials, more than 100 residents of the area received relief goods including canned goods, instant noodles, rice, toiletries, slippers, among others.

“We are so blessed to be located somewhere that has good access to services and communication,” said BED CES coordinator Mr. Paolo Gaudencio Naval on his insights from the activity, “the community location was remote, making it difficult for them to express their concerns and avail of different government services. Thus being in the position, we need to respond immediately because people out there need it. As much as we are blessed, it doesn’t take much to be a blessing to others.”

The “We Care, We Share” program of the CES Office is designed for outreach activities with the objective to give students and personnel opportunity to extend help and support to the needy and marginalized sectors. It is one of BED CES’ major platforms alongside the Greenow Program which focuses on the environment and the Adopt-a-School program anchored on building partnerships with public schools.

The CES Office hopes that volunteerism goes beyond the program and becomes a way of life, in line with the institution’s mission to make stakeholders an active member of the country. In the words of Mr. Naval, “As Philwomenians, we breed leaders who are not only intellectuals but people with a heart and committed agents of positive change.”