The Philippine Women’s College of Davao is one of four schools that was graciously invited by the University of Mindanao to take part in a Seminar entitled “Damages of Abuse, Neglect and Abortion and its Connection to Depression” last February 19, 2018. The Seminar was very timely, given that Depression and Mental Health issues have become highlight discussions on Social Media and even among students at the College.

“It’s fascinating how a topic that’s known to be so heavy and so complex was delivered in small chunks and easily understandable for us. It was a very relevant topic because we see a lot of people posting regarding depression and being abused. The seminar has equipped up with the right tools in how we can handle or alleviate their situation a little bit,” says Karla Monica Aldevera, a Supreme Student Council Representative.

The SSC Business Manager, Regan Rasheed added that “it was an interesting talk which shed light on the issues of depression neglect and abuse with a scientific standpoint.”

The halfday Seminar was organized by Deborah C. Diamante, the Office of Student Affairs Director of the University of Mindanao. Schools that participated aside from the PWC of Davao include the Holy Cross of Davao College and the San Pedro College of Davao.

The selection of participants was based on the respective club presidents and the complete roster of the Supreme Student Council.

With the event done and dusted, Philwomenian student leaders are now able to better understand and help out fellow colleagues who are undergoing depression for any of the various reasons that was presented during the seminar.