PWC of Davao now a certified drug-free workplace

Jul 11, 2020 | News

In compliance with Davao City Ordinance 0506-13 also known as the Drug-Free Workplace Ordinance of the City, PWC has formed a Drug-free Workplace Committee that shall oversee initiatives geared towards the promotion of a healthy workforce and safe, drug-free environment for learning.

The committee headed by HRD Director Paul Glenn Dasmariñas underwent training and workshops to learn about the government’s efforts to combat drugs and measures to ensure that the workplace remains drug-free. On its end, PWC crafted a drug-free policy and program which shall cover both employees and students.

The program consists of activities and services that shall promote healthy life for students and personnel to be executed in collaboration with different units and offices. A 3-year plan for the community was crafted which involves promotion of advocacy awareness, conduct of anti-smoking and alcohol campaigns, integration of City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) Drug Education modules in lessons, and participation in initiatives such as the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week held every November.  These efforts will also be extended to PWC’s partner communities and adopted schools.

“This is also an opportunity to support our neighbors and communities through sharing of strategies,” Ad Hoc Assessment Committee – Community Support Chair Paolo Gaudencio Naval shared, “at the same time, we will also learn as we engage with partners at the barangay level, given that they have had their own experiences and approach in subduing drug use among their constituents.”

Following the training and workshop, PWC complied with the mandatory drug test on 10% of the workforce, even exceeding the required number of subjects. Selected through stratified random sampling, personnel from different departments were subjected to the remote testing conducted by a partner laboratory in the presence of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) officers on March 10, 2020. Results came out a month later, which led to the certification of PWC as a drug-free workplace.

“By being acknowledged as a drug-free institution, we are making a statement that PWC is one with the government in combating drugs,” Naval shared, “we are in a good position to advocate especially for our students; you cannot teach what you don’t have.”

More than advocacy, Naval stressed the importance of establishing PWC as a safe environment for its students. “Any community is at risk if penetrated by drugs. With this, we are able to give our students and parents the peace of mind with regards to their safety.”

Despite the positive direction, the institution recognizes that there is a lot of room for learning and improvement which can be attained through constant collaboration with government and even non-government entities.

The program is further challenged to adapt to the new normal, eyeing integration of informative sessions with related subjects and conduct of online activities in coordination with the BED and TED Office of Student Affairs.