Over 80 employees of the PWC of Davao attended a Webinar on RA 9165 or The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 last November 18, 2020 via ZOOM conference.

 The event was spearheaded by the Human Resource Department in coordination with Committees on Institutional Advocacies, Drug-Free Work and Learning Environment Committee, Institutional Community Extension Services Office & the Health Center Unit.

 Information Officer III Noli Nephi D. Dimaandal, Chief, Regional Chief, PECIS led the discussion on the RA 9165 as part of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s (PDEA) initiatives for the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week which fell on November 15-21 this year, 2020.

The speaker tackled the salient provisions of the act including the declaration of policy, unlawful acts and penalties, effects of drugs on the individual and the workplace, advocacy and capabilities strategy for establishments, and the proper conduct of drug testing among employees.


In March this year, PWC complied with the mandatory drug test on 10% of the workforce, where personnel from different departments were subjected to the remote testing conducted by a partner laboratory in the presence of PDEA officers. Results that came out in the following month cemented the certification for PWC as a drug-free workplace.

Mr. Dimaandal also responded to questions from the audience, emphasizing the importance of public vigilance and coordination with the authorities in subduing the use of illegal drugs in the community.

In his closing message, Special Assistant to the Chancellor and Member of the PWC Drug-Free Work and Learning Environment Committee Dr. Reynald Japay encouraged the PWC community to stray away from substance dependence by embarking on what makes one feel valuable and happy. He further stressed the value of sharing and working together in order for the institution to be its best, and truly embody how PWC cares.