Since the youth play an important role in the nation building, the Leadership Training entitled “Achieving Your Leadership Potentials” sponsored by PWC National Service Training Program (NSTP) for the NSTP-112 students is a venue to enhance and build on current leadership abilities of the students and at the same time impart values on how to become an effective and great leader.

Before 7:30 a.m., a handful of students were already around. They were generous enough to help in the registration and in arranging the chairs since the student assistant was not around yet and there was only one maintenance guy.

The Leadership Training started around 9:00 a.m. with a prayer led by Mr. Ano-os from Section E1. It was followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and Davao City March. Due to some technical problems, the participants had to sing a capella.

After the presentation of the objectives of the Leadership Training by Anita T. Jabla, PWC NSTP Coordinator, the San Pedro College (SPC)-NSRC volunteers took over in running the Leadership Training.

Mr. Remark Z. Mortalla, the adviser of SPC-NSRC was introduced together with the SPC-NSRC volunteers who served as the facilitators of the different groups in the course of the Leadership Training.

The introduction was followed by expectation checking of the participants. Some pieces of paper were distributed for the NSTP students to write their expectation from the Leadership Training.

The expectations were read and some of these were: “they want to learn how to become a good leader”; “they want to enjoy”; “many activities”; “fun”, etc. Mr. Jurene S. Gonzaga, the President of the SPC-NSRC volunteers explained to the students what is NSRC and what they do as SPC-NSRC volunteers.

Everyone was so happy with the successful work of saving the values of COMPASSION, HONESTY AND TRUST.

While everyone was in high spirit, words of inspiration was given the SPC-NSRC Coordinator. This was followed by the sharing of the SPC-NSRC volunteers on the fulfillment they get for being a NSRC Volunteer. There were also three NSTP students who shared their reflections on the Leadership Training. The NSTP Coordinator thanked the SPC-NSRC Coordinator and Officers. The NSTP students were also commended for their full cooperation. The Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to the SPC-NSRC Coordinator.

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