PWC initiates donation drive for Davao fire victims

Mar 25, 2021 | Community Extension, News

On March 10 to 18, 2021, PWC of Davao through the Institutional Community Extension Services (ICES) Office ran a donation drive for the benefit of Davao City fire victims.

 A fire had broken out in Sitio San Jose, Brgy. Duterte and Brgy. Centro Coastal Area in the afternoon of March 9, leaving many families homeless in the midst of an ongoing health crisis.

Through its We Care We Share program, ICES called for financial and in-kind donations which were dropped off at the RSM Events Center. ICES also offered pick-up services for those who could not drop their donations at the campus.

“It is overwhelming that we were able to gather a good number of donations despite the situation,” shared ICES head Paolo Gaudencio Naval, “we know that people have their own struggles and hardships, but they are still responsive to the needs of others and give the best they can.”

Donations were turned over last March 19, 2021 at the San Juan Elementary School. They were received by officer-in-charge Irish Lyn T. Alolod, Brigada Skwela Coordinator Jurebel O. Quinto, and Education Program Specialist II Leah C. Saavedra.

PWC acknowledges the role of schools as source of empowerment for families and communities, especially when responding to crises. According to Ms. Alolod, over 130 students of San Juan Elementary School from kinder to grade 6 were reported to have been affected by the devastation in Barangay Duterte. The elementary school promptly accounted the affected students and called for donations through social media, to which PWC extended its support.

 “We are grateful to PWC for offering assistance in this endeavor,” shared Ms. Saavedra, who coordinated with PWC, “we were guided to come across each other as we are all for helping the students. Our help goes a long way; although we are targeting our students as beneficiaries, we also get to aid their family.”

PWC was able to gather and turn over face shields, face masks, hygiene products, clothing, rice, and canned goods to San Juan Elementary School’s relief operation.

 “Based on the parents’ feedback, they are in dire need of financial assistance,” Ms. Quinto added, “but what we can give them for now are food, water, tents, and clothing for children and infants as most donated items are for adults.”

PWC remains committed to community involvement as an educational institution that nurtures not only academically competent individuals but also socially-concerned citizens and future leaders. “This time of our lives is the most draining in almost all aspects—financially, emotionally, and spiritually,” shared Mr. Naval,  “we have many reasons not to give or go out of our way to show sympathy, and no one can be blamed for that. But the longer we are in this situation, the clearer it is that we can only overcome struggles when we help each other. If we start to always choose kindness, that is when the situation will change. It does not require any grandiose action; small deeds can cause ripples of change.”