The Philippine Women’s College of Davao prides itself in providing quality education to learners of all ages. This is no different when it comes to one of the most crucial stages in a child’s life, the Nursery and Kindergarten period.

Basic Education plays an important role in all our lives, and the offerings in Nursery and Kindergarten at PWC of Davao reflect that fact rigorously. Acknowledging the reality that experience is key in ones ability to acquire and hold on to knowledge, PWC’s Nursery and Kindergarten education sets forth enabling students to learn while doing or what is called “experiential learning”.

The preschool programs at PWC of Davao assures parents that their children are well taken care of and are learning to the best of their abilities while allowing their talents and skills to be nurtured and honed by enabling pupils to showcase these from time to time with the many activities the preschool unit has.

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