Winner of the first ever Kadayawan Ball 2018

Christopher Lim Zamora – BFA Fashion Design Batch 2018

His brief:

I’ve been in the fashion industry for four years now but less than a year as a fashion designer  when i graduated BFA in fashion design last april.

My inspiration is the pangulabe or the beadworking technique of the Bagobo Tagabawa tribe in Lubogan, Toril. I was also inspired by the symbolic representation of the triangle which emanates God (manama) man (manobo) and earth (banwa)

I chose Bagobo Tagabawa tribe in lubogan toril because they are close to my heart and  i did my immersion  for my creative research with them and i had work with them for several projects.

The colors are muted. Skin tone, earth gray and white. The embellishment are in white hues because the pangulabe has a white color base when they create patterns and it symbolizes peace.

I molded clays creating triangle, diamond and round pattern and used it as an embellishment. I also used banana fiber as my main fabric.

I wanted to highlight the use of organic material such as clay and banana fiber. I created pattern using my vision and to my surprise i was able to create abstract patterns like the philippine eagle and the famous durian, mt. Apo and waling waling that are symbolic to Davao.

Winning for me is a proof of faith. I started late as a fashion designer because i was managing our family business when i graduated from college. To be a fashion designer was a childhood dream but it didnt happen during the early years of my career. And so i decided to study fashion design in the later years of my career and pursue my dream. So here I am now living my dream after graduating from my second course in PWC of Davao last april. God really surprises us. Failures and challenges all make sense when he reveals his plans for you.

photo credits:Joemar Lamata