The Supreme Student Council of the Tertiary Education Department (TED), under the supervision of Mr. Edwin Dalumpines, OSA Head and leadership of Georg Kevin Paquet, SSC President facilitated a simple yet meaningful program in celebration of World Teachers Day.

While the Basic Education unit of the PWC of Davao opted to celebrate the special occasion simultaneously with other educational institutions around the world, the TED decided to postpone the celebrations by another day so that both students and faculty could enjoy the afternoon off and head straight into the weekend.

The program prepared by the Student Council consisted of three parts. Starting 8 in the morning, all faculty members were invited to avail of manicure, pedicure or massage services by professionals that were hired to provide service to them. While the SSC steered away from the generic “token” giving, it was decided that its best to provide them with in-kind treats such as the three aforementioned services offered.

The SSC in coordination with Student Leaders from other courses then hosted a program, emceed by Karla Monica Aldevera, for the faculty to enjoy.The speech of the TED SSC President in celebration of Teachers Day is as follows:.

My fellow SSC Colleagues, my fellow College students and student leaders, and of course our beloved faculty and staff, our teachers. Good Morning.
Today, on the occasion of World Teachers Day, I am giving this short opening remarks, in behalf of the tertiary education student body.
Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.
For me, this October 6th serves just as any other day. Indeed, today is world teacher’s day. But for me, I acknowledge and appreciate all the learnings and life lessons that all of you partake with us, every day.
A day in 365 days is not enough to express our gratitude for everything that you do for us. The sacrifices that you make, the patience that you show, the way you carry out your roles and responsibilities of not just being educators to us, but providing us our home away from home.
Today is all about you. Today we celebrate your passion and dedication to help the leaders and achievers of tomorrow succeed.
My beloved teachers, my dearest friends, our father and mother figures here on campus, I wish you a happy teachers day.
Please, continue your work with great spirit. Never tire of educating us with lessons by the book and experiences you have been through.
Continue teaching with heart.
For,  One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world (together)
Student Leaders prepared moving video presentations as tribute to their programs respective faculty and staff. Not just that, a number of talented TED students were invited to perform dance and song numbers to entertain our teachers as they dined.
In summary, the World Teachers Day celebration of the TED, though humbly hosted at the Mansaka Lobby, was a great success for the students were able to provide meaningful in-kind gifts and video presentations that the faculty and staff was greatly appreciative of. Happy Teachers Day to you all!