Exciting News | We’re overjoyed to announce that PWC Creative Hub for Innovation (CHI+), has clinched yet another accolade – the prestigious Startup Ecosystem Builder Award! DOST-PCIEERD, UPSCALE, and UPGRADE presented this recognition in a ceremony held at Miriam College’s Henry Sy, Sr. Innovation Center.
Congratulations to the forward-thinking leadership of PWC BOT Chair Elizabeth Spl Lietz and Chancellor Vicente Antonio Vallejo Pijano III, whose vision has played a pivotal role in CHI+’s continued success.
Hats off to the dynamic and proactive CHI+ Team – Emi-Alexander Englis, Christina B Ramos, Tisay Reyes Torres, Chili T. Autentico, ITSO Engr. Filmann Simpao, and our Entrepreneurs-in-residence: Dodjie Batu of the Davao Fashion Design Council (DFDC), Mary Grace Belviz and Dolores Saniel of the Food Processors Association of Davao, FPIC Davao, and the PWC Institutional Management Enterprise Tisonette H. Tumlos – Piquero, I2STARS Aristotle Carandang, and Kabilin Center Mai Ongkiko.
A special nod to our former Dean, Dr. Jesse Bacamante Manuta, and ICDO Head, Raymond Cosare – let’s continue to champion innovation and make a positive impact together.

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