FAQs: Basic Education A.Y. 2020-2021

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Flexible Learning System

1. Will you be offering online class?

Students with full access to the internet will learn through online sources provided by the school and teachers. They will be connected to their teachers through chat groups, video conferencing, and/or team meetings.


2. What online platforms will PWC be using?

Lessons will be delivered using NUADU, a Learning Management System, using online discussions and other student-centered strategems during regularly scheduled virtual classes. This may be accessed using desktop, laptop, smartphones, or any tablet.


3. Is there a learning option for students with no/poor internet connection?

Learners with unreliable internet access may provide a USB flash drive to get the files (printable materials such as learning packs) or home-based instructional materials from their teachers.


4. Will students be required to go to school at some point (during classes)?

There shall be no face-to-face sessions at the moment until approved by the IATF, DOH, and LGU. Even so, students/parents may opt to stick to online and offline instruction as previously mentioned.


5. Is purchasing textbooks a requirement for everyone?

Yes,  these will be used to provide concrete learning competencies and to help them retain concepts through the exercises found in their textbooks.


6. When is the orientation and class opening?

We will send you a notice through our PWC official page on the date of orientation.


7. I am considering my child to skip school for this school year. What are the implications?

First , since he/she is not enrolled, he/she will not be promoted. He/she will miss the opportunity to learn and interact in a different modality.


8. What technology / internet access should I have at home to effectively implement NUADU?

Any of the gadgets can be used: laptop, desktop, any kind of tablet, or android phone.


9. What student services will be available online?

Guidance services will still be available, and co-curricular activities will be in a different mode.


10. Are the class sizes the same?

There will be 15 to 20 students per class.


11. Will my child have opportunities to interact with classmates?

Yes. Our online platform offers features to interact.


12. For online instruction, will our children be required to report to virtual class Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (or the usual class hours)?

We will provide the guidelines soon on how we will go about the new normal. This will include the schedule of classes.


13. My child and I are not proficient with computers and management of the internet, how can we adapt?

We will have short training to help our teachers and students regarding this. Take-home self-instructional modules will also be provided for those who cannot go for online learning.


14. How will the new setup affect the grading system?

The same grading system last A.Y. 2019-2020 will be implemented. Should the DepEd release new guidelines for grading, then we will adhere right away.


1. How can I enroll?

When the enrollment period begins, go to PWC website (www.pwc.edu.ph) or the official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pwcdvo) to retrieve the ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK. This will open an online registration form that you will have to fill out and attach requirements to.


2. How will we pay for enrollment?

Payment instructions will be sent to you via email or text message after completing the online registration form. You may view payment options here: https://bit.ly/2TBLwc8


3. Can I enroll with lacking requirements?

 We will be accepting incomplete requirements, however, the following have to be provided in order to enroll:

  • GS Transferees: Report Card
  • JHS Transferees: Report Card and ESC Certificate (if from private school)
  • Grade 11: Report Card and ESC Certificate (if from private school)


4. Do you accept transferees?

We accept transferees for all levels except for GRADE 12.