The Philippine Women’s College of Davao’s Tertiary Education Department has recently conducted its annual election for the Supreme Student Council. The Miting de Avance along with the election period that followed right after was a huge success with an enormous voters turnout of over 900 college students heading to TL104 laboratory to cast their votes for their candidates of choice.

Running for President was the Information Technology program’s former Vice President and President, Georg Kevin Paquet. Georg Kevin took the lead of a party list that consisted of each and every position on the Supreme Student Council, showcasing their dedication to have a full workforce ready to serve the student body for School Year 2017/2018.

“We have started composing this lineup since the third trimester of last school year. I handpicked only the best and most responsible of student leaders, getting at least 1 from every program”, says the now SSC President, Mr. Paquet.

Truth be told, the SSC officers for SY 2017/2018 are a diverse mix of at least 1 representative from every program, featuring student leaders who have formerly served as Presidents or high-ranking officers of their respective programs..

The “Party Party” Party-list won a landslide victory over the student body, with over 900 votes collected for the President and Vice President’s slot, while garnering an equally impressive number of votes for all other positions that needed to be filled.

“We want to make this school year a productive one. We want to make it fruitful and fun for everyone.”, concluded Christian Jay Palicte.

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