Food Technology is an up and coming course not only at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao, but globally as well. More and more people become aware of the importance and tremendous impact food technologists have on food production and on our food supply. And as such, people start appreciating and finding interest in this particular field of food science.

True to its motto “Innovation is our tradition”, the PWC of Davao has been offering the innovative Food Technology program for years, before it even started to gain traction.

As one of only two educational institutions in Davao City, PWC of Davao leads the way in Food Technology. It has the Food Processing and Innovation Center (FPIC) that gives students of PWC an edge over food technology students from elsewhere.

Students at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao get to enjoy the Food Processing Innovation Center which allows them to make use of the facility and its advanced features to propel them beyond and above students who do not have access to this kind of research center.

The renowned FPIC is not only utilized by the food technologists from PWC, but visited by major corporations and other educational institutions in Mindanao as well.

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