The Philippine Women’s College of Davao’s Information Technology Program celebrated its I.T Festival last August 10-12 with a wide range of activities hosted all throughout the PWC Campus. The activities ranged from workshops of different kind of topics, to career talks for Senior High School Students, all the way to ball games to bring out the competitive and sportsmanship of the Information Technology students. A first, however, for the annual I.T Festival of the BITS was the DotA 2 tournament.

For the first time ever, there has been an official DotA 2 tournament hosted at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao, but it was open only for Information Technology students at this time.

Since Monday of the week leading to the I.T Festival, 5 teams have competed in various DotA 2 matches which led up to the Upper Bracket Finals, Lower Bracket Semifinals and the Grand Finals that was staged at the TL205 and broadcasted at the TL204 during the second day and third day of the 3-day I.T event.

On day 1 of the I.T Festival, students got the chance to select from different seminars that they wished to attend. However, upcoming OJT students were recommended to attend the CSS (Computer System Servicing) seminar hosted at the TL205 laboratory.

Other topics included Visual Basic which took place at the TL 204 laboratory and Social Media and WordPress which was discussed by PWC’s very own Georg Kevin Paquet at the SHS Computer Laboratory.

To sum it up, the PWC of Davao I.T Festival was a great avenue for Information Technology students to bond and show their competitive spirits in the different games and activities whilst allowing them to grow further and hone their craft in the respective seminars and workshops that they were encouraged to attend to.

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