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In this day and age when people’s desire and capability for travel and recreation have reached greater heights, the hospitality industry’s demand for skilled professionals is experiencing parallel growth. If you have a passion for people and service, this program might just be best for you. A degree in BS Hospitality Management will equip you with solid foundational knowledge in the field, managerial skills, and educational tools essential from theory to practice. You will also be honed in terms of communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as technical skills such as food and beverage preparation and service, supply chain management, lodging operations, and foreign language, among others.

Goal & Objectives

The Hospitality Management (formerly Hotel and Restaurant Management) Program aims to develop the skills and knowledge of the students to a career path toward management in the food service industry and hospitality. The program includes a strong management component which encompasses problem-solving, forecasting, and human resource management.

  • To enhance the students’ learning through an interdisciplinary subject exposure and management applications;
  • To provide the fundamental knowledge and skills required to prepare an individual on management positions within the hospitality industry;
  • To demonstrate entry-level skills related to selling and marketing principles;
  • To recognize the vital role of the program’s performance-based training in promoting standard of excellence required in today’s business world; and
  • To produce graduates with a broad base of management and technical skill which enables them to immediately be productive in the industry.

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Career Opportunities for Hospitality Management

  • Hotel Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Chef
  • Bartender