PWC SHS Arts and Design students present Side Show Series

Oct 22, 2018 | News, Senior High School | 0 comments

Offering Senior High School Arts and Design track in Davao, PWC ensures opportunities for its students to showcase talent and learning; among which is the Side Show series that the arts and design students have presented this month of October.

Further divided into the visual arts and performance groups, the arts and design students exhibited output in different acts that made up the Side Show series. Early this academic year, the two groups collaborated in Act One which took on the theme of mental health.

Act II: Dimensions

This time, the two groups worked on separate productions. In Side Show Act II: Dimensions, the visual arts group displayed their painting output in an exhibit. As stated in the exhibition note, the theme consisted of inspiration from the previous Side Show Act I and associations with the term mental health. The pieces sought to elicit the sense of self-value and promote understanding of individual differences.

For Mr. Wilfred Dexter Tanedo, immersion teacher-in-charge of Arts and Design, one crucial point in art especially in contemporary times is knowing one’s subject which entails how an idea is brought forward regardless of media.

The exhibit was opened to the public on October 12 to 16, 2018 at the Art Centrale Gallery of Felcris Centrale. The opening event was BFA dean Dr. Brenda Z. Barba and SHS principal Ma. Elena Lico. Other expected guests were esteemed personalities in the local arts scene and gallery owners in Davao.

Act III: Stories from the Side Streets

The performance group on the other hand portrayed images from the sidestreets, putting the spotlight on stories of lives that most people simply pass by in their everyday. Using self-made choreographies, the students delivered performances that projected the bleak reality but not without a bit of hope and of course a call to the recognition of their rights.

Under mentor teacher Ms. Mia Gutierrez and technical teacher Ms. Mai Ongkiko, the students performed on October 20, 2018 at the Mansaka Lobby, PWC for two shows: matinee at 3:00-4:00pm and gala at 6:00-7:00pm.

Recognizing talent and hard work, Mr. Tanedo hopes that the senior high school arts and design students continue to pursue their passion or even at least make use of the discipline in other subjects, and that the arts may always remain a part of their interest.

PWC is among renowned schools that offer senior high school arts and design track in Davao, providing a good foundation for Bachelor of Fine Arts courses. [Click here to learn more about the senior high school program.]