The Hotel and Restaurant Management (BS HRM) program successfully celebrated its HRM Day celebration over the course of 2 days filled with meaningful lectures, fun competitions and various culinary competitions. The BSHRM organizers were joined by Senior High School students from the HRS program who were also actively participating all throughout the 2-day celebration of the annual HRM Day.

The first day showcased the various culinary talents of the HRM and HRS students as they engaged into competitions such as table setting, market basket, vegetable carving, table napkin folding, grand flower arrangement and more. Students excelling in baking and cake decorating also participating in the cake decorating competition wherein most cakes were themed just right for the upcoming Holidays.

The HRM and HRS participants did not only take part in academic competitions, but also fought each other on the court. The HRM and HRS programs were divided into various teams and fought hard in both basketball and volleyball games with the goal to take home the overall champion spot. The ball games took place simultaneously with the culinary events of day 1.

On day 2, the BSHRM officers and organizers came up with a meaningful and informative seminar in the morning where both Tertiary Education and Senior High School students were able to learn a lot from the guest speakers provided. It was the evening affair though, which was the real highlight of the HRM celebration.

Advertised as a Solidarity Night #ForACause, the BSHRM program did not disappoint with the event that they have prepared. HRM and HRS students as well as alumni from the BSHRM program of previous years were invited to join the event and show solidarity with the HRM program that they have all been part of. It was a truly meaningful experience for everyone involved, and both students and faculty alike have enjoyed the evening together were they not only had a lot of fun and raffle draws but also interesting and informative topics such as the latest trends in the Tourism and Hospitality industry as well.

The rankings of the team is as follows:

  • Champion: Yellow Hawks
  • 1st runner up: Red Dragon Slayer
  • 2nd runner up: Green Raptors
  • 3rd runner up: Blue Marlins
  • 4th runner up: Pink Panther
  • 5th runner up: Purple Jaguar

After it’s all been said and done, the BSHRM officers showed once again why they are not only one of the most hyperactive and engaging clubs on-campus, but also that they have been deservedly acknowledged as the outstanding club of the previous school year. Truly, our HRM students are well experienced when it comes to event management and well skilled when it comes to the different kinds of competitions related to HRM, as can be seen by their overall first place rank at the recent Tuna Festival competition in General Santos City.

Once again, congratulations on the successful celebration of HRM!

[Featured image by Florence Mallorca/BSHRM]