The Junior High School program of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao caps the Basic Education unit’s offering in one of Davao’s finest educational institutions. The JHS which formerly marks the First Year to Fourth Year high School level is the pre-courser before students choose a track that they will dedicate their future years onwards.

The motto of Junior High, “Unity in Diversity” depicts clearly that it intends to unify the diverse culture that it hosts amongst the different interests and skills of its students.

As one of the pioneers in K to 12 education in Davao, PWC of Davao sees to it that its Junior High School is aligned to the Senior High School and Tertiary Education programs. PWC helps the students make the decisive jump into one of the tracks that will guide them all throughout the years to come and well into college. That’s why we will continue offering our trademark education wherein students learn while doing.

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