PWC conducts parenting seminar with ANC

Feb 7, 2019 | Community Extension, News | 0 comments

The PWC Office of the Community Extension Services in partnership with the Archdiocesan Nourishment Center (ANC) conducted the Community Needs Assessment and Parenting Seminar on Establishing Study Habit at Home last February 2, 2019 at the ANC.

PWC Guidance and Counselling Center personnel led by TED Guidance Counselor Ms. Genevieve Ruiz spearheaded the seminar and open forum.

“The children undergo rigorous values formation,” said BED Community Extension Services coordinator Paolo Naval, “how do we ensure continuous spiritual and moral growth when there is no assurance of it being further cultivated at home?”

The speakers guided the participants in identifying themselves as parents, challenging them to be conscious of their parenting style and practices. They further oriented the parents on basic strategies for effective parenting, although it was emphasized that parents are entitled to develop their own ways and methods when it comes to raising their children.

“Raising children is indeed the pride of parents, a noble profession,” Mr. Naval said, “PWC and ANC wanted to give parents the opportunity to realize that.”

The parenting seminar was the first activity conducted after PWC and ANC signed the memorandum for official partnership, though it was just one of the many programs both parties jointly worked on. As of present, the partners are eyeing prospects for a seminar on financial stewardship to assist parents in managing the family in terms of finances.

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In line with the institution’s mission, PWC students and personnel are both tapped to take part in community services. Through the partnership with ANC, the Community Extension Office aims to give opportunity to all personnel to share expertise to improve status of living of partner communities.