At PWC you’ll be challenged
and inspired to explore and
create your own path as we
journey with you to the program
that best suits your interest.

Jose Abad Santos Memorial School (JASMS) is non-profit, co-educational school that teaches the JASMS Way, a locally developed and pioneering non-traditional and progressive educational philosophy.

Initiated by Doreen Barber-Gamboa in the 1930s, JASMS seeks to to empower children to be children, to explore their environment and to learn from one another.  It is learning by doing to cultivate simultaneously a spirit of independence and a capacity for cooperation.

JASMS’ way of teaching aims to equip your children by developing the child’s attitude, behavior and relationships as they grow into personhood.  The school also enriches the kinds of motivation and depth of wisdom they acquire as they grow into maturity.  It is this balanced and strong values formation that will mold your children into becoming a well-rounded person prepared for life’s challenges.

7 Pillars of JASMS Education

  1. Learning by doing.
  2. Living through active participation
  3. Leadership through early career formation
  4. Self confidence for responsible adulthood
  5. Discovering self initiative
  6. Citizenship thru self reliance
  7. Creativity for self determination