Education is of utmost importance to all of us. It plays an even greater role in the development of a child. Basic Education is vital. It’s at this level where a child develops standard life skills, including literacy, baseline mathematical understanding and general knowledge.

These first bits of schooling allow a child to gain a better sense of the world around him and enables him to augment himself to fit into and become a functional member of the society.

Knowing all these, the Philippine Women’s College of Davao’s Basic Education Program covers the spectrum of progressive education.

Starting as early as Nursery all the way to Junior High School, continuous and consistent development of a child’s most crucial stage is ensured. Education doesn’t stop there, PWC also offers Senior High School and Tertiary Education, thus encompassing the whole cycle of one’s student life.

A pioneer in K to 12 education, Philippine Women’s College is one of Davao’s finest when it comes to safeguarding the education of the future generation by means of offering experiential learning methods wherein students learn while doing. A brilliant collective of competent faculty guide the children as they journey from Kinder all the way to Junior High School and beyond.

Truly, it’s only at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao where Basic Education meets the challenges and innovations of today and the generations ahead.

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