Hotel and Restaurant Management

Goal & Objectives:

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     The Hotel and Restaurant Management Program aims to develop the skills and knowledge of the students to a career path toward management in the food service industry and hospitality. The program includes a strong management component which encompasses problem-solving, forecasting, and human resource management.


1. To enhance the students’ learning through an interdisciplinary subject exposure and management applications;
2. To provide the fundamental knowledge and skills required to prepare an individual on management positions within the hospitality industry;
3. To demonstrate entry-level skills related to selling and marketing principles;
4. To recognize the vital role of the program’s performance-based training in promoting standard of excellence required in today’s business world; and
5. To produce graduates with a broad base of management and technical skill which enable them to immediately be productive in the place.

Job Opportunities:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Chief
  • Bartender