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    TESDA TVET programs
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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The BSBA program stands for the four things:

1. set an optimum standard of excellence in business education;
2. provider of disciplined future business administrators/managers;
3. globally competent; and competitive and a leader in the business industry.

Major in Marketing Management

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Goal & Objectives
 1. to develop the managerial and entrepreneurial abilities of the students in identifying and meeting human needs and wants and to prepare them to become a good social marketers, and
2. To assist the students to seek employment and entry level jobs or positions of responsibility as marketing managers, marketing executive or marketing directors;
3. To guide the students in organizing or managing entrepreneurial activities if they decide to be self-employed;
4. To equip students with knowledge of the principles and concepts of marketing and their application in an actual world of business;
5. To expose students with knowledge of the principles and concepts of marketing and their application in an actual world of business.
6. To prepare students to pursue a teaching career or graduate studies in business;
7. To acquaint or lead students to benchmark developed economies in neighboring Asian countries;
8. To inculcate values on best practices in business as social marketers.

Digital Marketing Intern, Marketing Consultant, Sales Account Executive, Market Research, DirectorSales and Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Promotion Manager, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Manager, Market Analyst

 Major in Finance

Download Blended Curriculum  Download 2010 Prospectus

Goal & Objectives

1. to develop the ability of the students to critically evaluate and apply new concepts and practices, professional work attitude, entrepreneurial skills and to be responsive to the needs of business community that operate within the fast-changing and technology driven world and explicitly;
2. To gain an understanding of concepts of finance and the role of financial management in variety of organizations- including industrial, commercial, public sector and non profit organizations;
3. To acquire adequate understanding of the concepts, principles and theories for application in the actual world of business;
4. To assist the students to seek employment and assume entry-level jobs and inspire higher positions such as financial analysts, financial managers or executives;
5. To prepare the students pursue a teaching career or graduate studies in business; and
6. To expose students to conferences, seminars and entrepreneurial ventures.


Bank Teller, Stock & Securities Analyst, Finance Officer, Foreign Exchange Trader, Operations Manager, Management Consultant, Credit Analyst, Internal Auditor, Investment Analyst, Payroll Manager, Treasury Assistant, Financial Analyst


For more information please contact us: Tel #: 297 8035 local 350  Cel. #: 09177197968 or 09326027391