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    Le Maste: 1st Philippine Leadership Masters Congress

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    Art-Mixed Competition winning a Champion and 1st Runner-up

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    PWC of Davao for Winning the 1st Masters Congress Fashion Crew Competition during the #LeMaste Leadership Masters Congress

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In view of the contradictory news reports on the conflict between erstwhile partners Philippine Women’s University (PWU) of the Benitez Family and STI Holdings, Inc. (STI) of Eusebio Tanco, the Philippine Women’s College (PWC) of Davao Alumni Foundation, during its special meeting on January 8, 2015 held at the PWC of Davao with a quorum present and acting throughout, unanimously approved and adopted a resolution to issue this Open Letter to inform its members and the parents, students, personnel and friends, that PWC OF DAVAO is not party to the PWU-STI Joint Agreement forged in 2011.

Although the PWC Board of Trustees was inclined to include PWC of Davao in the agreement with STI, stakeholders of PWC of Davao, especially the Management Committee, PWC PTA, the PWC Alumni Foundation and the PWC Personnel Association vigorously opposed such move.  PWC of Davao was thus excluded in the agreement that was signed in November 2011.

As was equivocally asserted before, we now say again:   PWC of Davao is a non-stock, non-profit institution and cannot be party to a stock and profit corporation such as the PWU-STI Joint Venture.

PWC of Davao sits on a campus of three hectares, the title of which is registered in the name of Philippine Women’s College of Davao in the Davao City Registry of Deeds.  This three-hectare lot is separate and not a part of the adjacent vacant four-hectare lot owned by UNLAD, a realty corporation owned by the Benitez Family. 

While the PWC Alumni Foundation joins PWU in its prayer for an amicable and mutually beneficial settlement of the conflict between the Benitez Family and Mr. Tanco, it is firmly united with the PWC Management Committee, PWC-PTA and PWC Personnel Association in declaring that PWC of Davao is not involved with the PWU-STI Joint Venture and must continue to focus its efforts and resources for the best interests of its students, personnel, parents, alumni and the Davao Community.  

The PWC Alumni Foundation reiterates that PWC of Davao is separate and distinct from PWU, as provided for by its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.